11 BetterView Personal Inspection Tool

BetterView Personal Inspection Tool

Hands-free, Ideal for electronics work (Assembly, Inspection or Service) Personal Magnifier

  • Instantly enlarges /images and objects
  • Hands-free magnification
  • Can be worn with or without eye-glasses or contact lenses
  • Optical grade acrylic lenses
  • Modern, open design assures unimpaired vision
  • Double lens for 3-D viewing
  • Distortion-free viewing
  • Wide field of vision
  • Adjustable lens angle
  • Brings work closer into focus than regular magnifying glasses
  • Adjustable magnifier - visor swings up and down, or can be locked in place
  • Comfortable, cool, no headaches
  • Slip-on cushioned headband - fits all sizes
  • Weight less than 2 oz.
  • Easily replaceable lenses

  • Contains all corrosion protection properties

  • Static protection maintained throughout entire life of material
  • Contains no amine or amide based volatile additives and will not contaminate component surfaces
  • Tribo-electric charging < 20V
  • Does not outgas
  • Electrical characteristics unaffected by humidity temperature, or 24 hour water shower variations (tested at -40° to 150° F)
  • Clean room compatible, no sloughing
  • Manufactured with solid state semi-conducting materials 
  • Standard line products provided in surface resistivity range of 106-109ohms/sq.
  • Meets stringent German standards for recyclability

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Sample use of BetterView™ Personal Inspection Tool



  • BetterView 24 (Magnification 1.6 X  or  2.0 X)

  • BetterView 57 (Magnification 2.25 X  or  2.75 X)

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